1. General rules and definitions companies LIMITED BUSINESS BRIASTORM: 

1.1 Participant companies BRIASTORM LIMITED, can be any competent person who has attained 18 years of age, 
a citizen of any country whose legislation does not conflict with the terms of this agreement. 
1.2 Cash invested in BRIASTORM LIMITED company must have a legitimate and justified origin. 
Investments may be their own, borrowed or attracted from third parties in order to profit from the network and completing the course. 
1.3 If necessary, the company BRIASTORM LIMITED may require documents to your identity verification and registration data.
This may be caused by the need to confirm you as the account owner and the personal account in our company. 
1.4 In accordance with the terms of this Agreement, the Customer performs cash investments via on-line services and websites BRIASTORM LIMITED company   
to make a profit in the implementation of training activities. 
1.5 BRIASTORM LIMITED provides asset management function, for profit and preservation of the involved capital. 


2.1 user can open several of accounts on the network. Number of deposits is determined by the terms of cooperation. 
2.2 Register your account automatically confirms acceptance of the User with these terms and conditions of the Agreement on cooperation.
2.3 The user has the right to close your account by contacting support, with all personal data will be deleted from the company's system. 
2.4 The network uses means fiatnye US dollars cryptocurrency, tokens and PIN-codes (payment vouchers) and other equivalents where appropriate. 
2.5 Top up the system is possible in any currency through payment gateways (merchants of), as well as Bitcoin or any other popular cryptocurrency in a private office. 
2.6 In the absence of access to the site because of possible technical malfunctions hosting companies serving the company's website, 
does not affect the calculation of income and the implementation of applications for withdrawal user. 
2.7. Disadvantages associated with the work used kriptovalyutnyh electronic payment systems:
lack of access, blocking, suspension of work and the other. inconvenience, the user assumes the full extent 
and is responsible for the choice of a kriptovalyutnoy payment system and possible problems in its work. 

3. The order of the network: 

3.1 BRIASTORM LIMITED BUSINESS is open from Monday to Friday. The procedure for work on public holidays is published on the website in advance. 
At the weekend days of service support may exercise its functions only in part. 
3.2 Processing payments and incoming data is performed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays. 
3.3 Processing Payments for withdrawal is carried out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,
weekends and holidays from 10 minutes to 72 hours from the time of receipt. 
3.4 The Commission on the output dynamic and can be changed during operation. 
3.4 The minimum amount of the application for withdrawal of funds equal to $ 5. 

4. Rules and Responsibilities: 

4.1 The User agrees to: 

- Use accurate information when registering on the site. 
- Comply with its operations, interaction with BRIASTORM LIMITED 
legislation of the country under whose jurisdiction it falls. 
- Do not use misleading advertising techniques to promote their activities in order to obtain rewards. 
- Monitor transactions from your account. If errors are found, inconsistencies,
suspicion of third-party intervention of third parties or break-account immediately inform admistratsii. 
- In due time to fulfill their obligations under this Agreement during the whole of its action. 

4.2 BRIASTORM LIMITED undertakes: 

- to make payments of profits and reward users in accordance 
with this Agreement and the terms of tariff plans operating in a network. 
- Provide the necessary assistance to the user prior to execution of this Agreement. 
- Provide technical and information support of the network. 
- Maintain confidentiality of the transaction between the Participant and BRIASTORM LIMITED 
in accordance with the policy for combating money laundering and politics
"Know Your Customer┬╗ (AML & KYC POLICIES) - paragraph 12 hereof. 
- Ensure the safety and security of the funds transferred by the Participant. 
- Perform all payments, drawn up in accordance with the rules of this agreement. 
- timely inform the user of all the circumstances 
that may impede the fulfillment of its obligations under this Agreement. 

4.3 The User shall be entitled to: 

- Implement operating activities together with BRIASTORM LIMITED for profit. 
- Get the return on investment and a partnership remuneration in accordance with the conditions and rules of the system. 
- Receive the necessary technical support and information when working with the on-line service from specialists.
- Seek to address those. support in order to change your personal data, 
if necessary, with appropriate documentary evidence. 
- Use advertising and information products to attract partners. 
- Produce promotional and information activities among the partners and potential users, 
without distorting the facts and the truth of the information about the network. 

5. The procedure for amendment and termination of the Agreement: 

5.1 This Agreement may be terminated by mutual agreement, as well as unilaterally by management companies BRIASTORM LIMITED. 
At the time of termination of this Agreement is made complete mutual settlement of obligations,
unless otherwise provided in this Agreement and applicable law. 
5.2 The terms of this Agreement may be amended at the request of the company or the shareholders of the company unilaterally. 
Any changes and additions to replace or cancel the previous conditions in force before the amendment in full or partial extent, 
and can not contradict each other. 
5.3. User accepts all the changes and additions to this Agreement, 
upon notice, if continues to use the network. 

6. Refund Policy 

6.1 Please read these rules, as they are the terms and conditions
which is governed by a refund BRIASTORM LIMITED and site 
Accommodation and payment orders via constitutes your agreement that these policies apply to this purchase, 
so be sure you understand them before you place an order. 

6.2 We guarantee results with your strong motivation and the pursuit of our education system. 
Registration on the site and purchase contract means to us that you took a firm decision to work in the company. 
In this case, we guarantee results. Payment made to some degree is an external motivation. 
That is why after the payment of money is not returned for the contract, if the participant waives the contract for their own reasons,
It has nothing to do with the current contract. 

6.3 Making a payment under a contract for electronic goods (marathons, books, audio), 
promotional balance in our ad network, getting under the contract of digital and physical assets 
in the event of receipt of the access to them (activation - purchase contract) is not returned. 

6.4 If you erroneously / repeatedly paid for our services or pay for them at a rate greater than required - the money will be returned. 
Not later than 24 hours after the erroneous / re-purchase write to us at a free form 
of your desire to return the funds, using the subject line "Refund" and must attach a receipt with the date and method of payment.
Your request will be considered by us in the near future (no more than seven working days). 

6.5 After reviewing your request, we will inform you about the result and turnaround times. 
Refund is made in the same way that they purchased. 
Terms of refund depends on how the initial payment. 
Update information about the status of your refund may be for technical support. 
Commission (if any payment system for reverse transfer of money) will be deducted from the amount that is refundable. 

7. Duration of the Agreement: 

7.1 This Agreement shall enter into force from the date of account registration and activation of the personal account users online,
making them investment funds or receipt of any payment on your account, or receive bonus money, prizes promotions. 
7.2 The validity of this Agreement lasts until the execution of all the commitments between Participant and BRIASTORM NETWORK CORPORATION, 
or until withdrawal of its revenue from the network means, followed by closing of the account user. 

8. Force Majeure: 

8.1 In case of force majeure (extraordinary and unavoidable) occurring against the will and desires of the Parties, 
which can not be foreseen or avoided, including announcements or actual war, civil unrest, epidemics, blockades, embargoes,
fires, earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters, as well as the publication of the state bodies. 
8.2 BRIASTORM NETWORK CORPORATION shall not be liable for any damage or loss of data 
as a consequence of force majeure, which are outside the company. 

9. Other Conditions: 

9.1 The adoption of a Party to this Agreement is the activation of accounts of personal, study in the NETWORK CORPORATION COMPANY BRIASTORM 
9.2 User understands and agrees to the terms and provisions of this agreement-contract. 




11.1 Using the site and any other sites the company BRIASTORM LIMITED constitutes your full acceptance of the public offer. 
Examine the public offer. This is an automatic deal. 
11.2 I AGREE! Claims do not have! 
11.3 Disclaimer for the profits or income of persons who purchase an information product.
11.4 All statements and examples on the site about the increase, income or profits, already placed or to be placed on the resource, 
and any other resources of the company BRIASTORM LIMITED (hereinafter the company's web site) - just a speculation about upcoming or ongoing earnings, 
revenue, so they are not a guarantee of their receipt. If the tentative profit or increase in future income do you consider to ensure 
that also take care of all the risks of not receiving them. 
11.5 If on the websites indicates a specific amount of earnings from the person or persons who are engaged in business, 
it does not guarantee you personally of the same income in the organization of similar businesses.
You accept as a fact that can not get similar amounts of earnings. 
11.6 All matters placed on site and all sites of the company BRIASTORM LIMITED, 
related to the receipt of revenues and profits, can not be equated to the mean earnings. 
11.7 There is also no guarantee that someone else's experience relating to business activities, earnings or income, 
can be used as an indication to the effect that can give the desired financial results. 
11.8 The amount of income in their monetary value associated with a number of different factors. 
We do not give instructions and any information about your future activities and financial success the same way,
they do not dispose of your personality, data, business skills, ethical conduct, activities, 
- all that may affect the likelihood of income in small or medium-sized equivalents. 
We can not guarantee exactly the same earnings, which are the other person. 
All of lost revenue risks you assume. 
11.9 Labor, business, business activity over the Internet, 
conducted with the aim of generating income and profits associated with different risks. 
Making a decision to engage in this kind of activity on the basis of any information 
that is contained in our infoproduktsii and directly for our services that we provide on this web-site,
you have to consider the possible aspects of non-profit or making some possible losses. 
11.10 All our products and services are created with the education and awareness goals, so you need to use them carefully, 
with precautions and drawing on the experience of professionals - mentors or coaches. 
Before starting any business, based on the information provided, 
get legal advice and accounting, as well as a professional in the field of marketing. 
11.12. Visitors site and all other sites the company BRIASTORM LIMITED, 
users of products or services based on their experience, common sense and completely rely on their own strength,
taking a decision to engage in internet business or any other kind of business. 
All infoproduktsiya and information pass through the assessment of qualified persons of independent expertise. 
Products and information posted on our web resource, should be carefully evaluated to assess before the 
decision is taken to do business. 
11.13.V case of receiving any income, you are also solely responsible to the laws of your country of residence, 
as well as tax laws, including those you are responsible for the execution of business activities in accordance with the law of your country.
Also, if it is provided by law in your country you have to independently conduct their business legally and pay taxes. 
11.14 The document states that you agree to the fact that the service and the company BRIASTORM LIMITED 
is not responsible for erroneous decisions about your income, profits, ways of doing business, 
product training center, customer service or other materials that are posted on this web site: text, audio and video. 
11.15 Site Administration and management of the company BRIASTORM LIMITED may at any time make changes to the rules, 
which come into effect immediately. Your continued use of the site
and any other company sites BRIASTORM LIMITED after modification 
constitutes your consent to automatic compliance with the new rules. 

12. counter Money Laundering Policy and the policy of "Know Your Customer" (AML & KYC POLICIES) 

12.1 In order to protect the funds of our clients and ensure compliance with international trade standards, 
the company BRIASTORM LIMITED (hereinafter - the "Company") operates exclusively in accordance with the legislation to combat money laundering, 
proceeds of crime, and counter the financing of terrorism and criminal activities. To monitor compliance with legal requirements,
The company was established Compliance Department, which develops treatments Anti-money laundering and Know your client (AML / KYC) , 
must be observed by all employees of the Company and determining the interaction between the policy with the persons 
registered on the site the Company and any other sites company BRIASTORM LIMITED (hereinafter - the "Site") 
and to open accounts in your account (hereinafter - the "company Customers"). Compliance Department is intended to ensure 
that operations are consistent with international standards to combat money laundering and all documents 
provided to clients, and meet the relevant requirements of the legislation. In this regard, the opening on the Site through in a private office,
The client provides full and unconditional acceptance of the policy conditions agreed with the following rules and undertakes to observe them. 

12.2. The company is developing a list of documents, providing that the client necessarily on demand of the company 
and is mandatory for all shareholders of the Company for the purpose of verification of identity, namely: color copy of your passport 
(the first, the second page with photos, as well as a page with on registration data) or a color copy document are appropriate for Customer's confirmation of the person 
under the legislation of the country of residence of the customer. According to the Company's request for additional documents can be made available - a copy of a driver's udo-
stovereniya, receipts for payment of utility bills (to confirm the place of residence of the Client). Also, the verification process includes confirmation of the Client of your phone number. 
12.3 Withdrawals from your Account at any time may be allowed only after verification by the Client 
on the basis of the provision of appropriate documents and a completed application form. 
Withdrawals carried out only at the expense of belonging to a person identified as a client of the company (the owner of a personal account on the website). 
Withdrawal of funds to third parties is prohibited. Internal transfers between companies are also prohibited by customers. 
12.4 The Company is committed and has the right, without obtaining prior consent to share with financial institutions and law enforcement agencies any
customer information, as required by applicable law, the Company and the Client gives his consent to these actions. 
To comply with this paragraph, the Company holds any information about payment transactions Client at least five years. 
12.5 The Customer undertakes to comply with legal norms, including international ones, 
to combat illicit trafficking, financial fraud, and money laundering of funds obtained by illegal means; 
12.6 The Customer undertakes to make every effort to avoid direct or indirect complicity in illegal financial activities 
and any other illegal transactions using the company's website.
12.7 The client guarantees the legal origin, legal ownership and right to use them transferred to the cash account. 
12.8 In the event that the Customer account of suspicious transactions, cash replenishments from untrusted sources (eg, data means the sender and the owner of 
the trading account is not the same) and / or any action with signs of fraud (including any refunds or cancellation of payments), the Company reserves the 
right to an internal investigation, to block or close the Customer's account, cancel any payment made and to suspend operations on the account until 
the end of the official investigation. When deciding Company follows the provisions of the applicable law or in practice.
12.9 The Company has the right to request additional information about the Customer in case withdrawal method is different from the input method. The company also reserves the right to 
block the account of the client at the time of the investigation, if the client refused to provide the additional information requested from it by the Company. 
12.10 In the course of investigation of the Company is entitled to request from the Customer additional copies of the documents confirming the identity of the Client, as well as copies of the banks 
Sgiach cards used to replenish the account, payment and other documents confirming the lawful possession and legal source of funds. In the case 
of the client copies of the documents, the Company may require the provision of original documents for review.
12.11 The Company will particularly scrutinize clients, defined as the applicable law are in high-risk countries. 
12.12 Company's refusal to carry out operations which from the point of view of the Company are suspicious (including blocking or closing of the Client's account) is not based 
vaniem for the emergence of civil liability of the Company for failure to fulfill obligations to the Customer. 
12.13 The Company is not obliged to inform customers and other persons about the measures taken to counteract the legalization (laundering) 
of criminal proceeds and financing of terrorism, with the exception of information on the suspension of operations of the client,
to refuse the execution of Customer's order on carrying out operations, to refuse to open an account, the need of the client's documents. 
12.14 This policy is anti-money laundering is an integral part of the client agreement, based on which the client opens an account in his personal 
office on the Site.